New Zealand Played.
New Zealand Paid.

New Zealand Played is a AMS Nightlife initiative, allowing music fans to easily see and listen to Kiwi artists in their favourite AMS Nightlife and crowdDJ® venues.

Whenever a Kiwi song is played at any of our supporting venues, a Kiwi artist gets paid.

New Zealand Played aims to shine the spotlight on local musicians and encourages more Kiwi music to be heard and played across more than 1,400 venues in New Zealand.

Crowd and stage at concert.

NZ Music Month Is Back

May 2024

Every May, we participate in NZ Music Month.

This year, AMS Nightlife is thrilled to partner with some of our favourite New Zealand artists across the country to get more Kiwi music played.

What is New Zealand Played?

New Zealand Played utilises the commercial reach of AMS Nightlife - New Zealand's largest music subscription service for business – and the technology of crowdDJ® to encourage consumers to pick Kiwi music in more than 1,400 venues across the country.

An estimated 1 million people hear our music every week in bars, restaurants, cafes, gyms, retail, and entertainment-a much larger reach than most radio stations! Consumers also pick up to 4000 songs per month per venue on crowdDJ® kiosks and apps, allowing music lovers to choose the Kiwi music they want to listen to in bars, retail and gyms.

Why New Zealand Played?

We have a wealth of music talent right here in our own backyard, so explore your favourite Kiwi artists, or listen to some new ones at your favourite local AMS Nightlife and crowdDJ®-supported venue.

This campaign started as an initiative to support NZ Music Month in May 2021, and has grown into so much more than that. It is a platform to showcase and support homegrown talent whether new, independent, classic, rock, jazz or favourites all year round.

Any Kiwi song that plays through our network of clients will ensure a New Zealand artist gets paid.

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Support local. Listen local. Back our music industry.

Support Kiwi Music

Here's how you can help the New Zealand music industry.

1. Download the crowdDJ App

Download the crowdDJ app to find the venues where you can go to hear your favourite music.

2. Pick Kiwi Music

Kiwi songs are marked with the New Zealand Played logo in the app. Use crowdDJ® to create your Kiwiana playlist to listen to in venues across New Zealand, whether you’re dining, enjoying a night out, working out, bowling or shopping.

3. Follow our guides below

Follow our guides below to find out what more you can do to help.