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MAY 2024


Each May, AMS Nightlife participates in NZ Music Month — a celebration of Kiwi Arists and the NZ music industry.

This year, AMS Nightlife is thrilled to partner with some of our favourite New Zealand artists across the country to get more Kiwi music played.

Why NZ Music Month Matters to us

AMS Nightlife LOVES New Zealand music — As a Wellington born and based licensed music provider, we believe in promoting and supporting our local industry, wherever and whenever possible.

"Beyond being huge fans of the unique sound of our local music scene, we’ve learnt that everyone who loves music has a part to play in strengthening the overall ecosystem. Anything we can do to promote and educate others on the greater social and cultural value of New Zealand music and stories, we will.

We know Kiwi businesses understand the importance of local campaigns, and we know they love to get behind them. That's why during every NZ Music Month, we use our people, our tech and our product to make it easy for AMS Nightlife users to get on board and join us in amplifying homegrown talent."

Brent de Bres
Co-Founder of AMS Nightlife

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AMS Nightlife recorded a massive increase In Kiwi songs being played across their network.

THIS lead to a total of over 2,936,548 Kiwi songs played for NZ Music Month.
How awesome is that?

New Zealand Played Icon Our Campaign

No matter who you are or what you listen to, you can support New Zealand Music. Through our New Zealand Played campaign we're bringing AMS Nightlife clients, artists, industry partners, and music lovers together to celebrate NZ Music Month.

Any Kiwi song that plays through AMS Nightlife will ensure a New Zealand artist gets paid. Music lovers can help by looking for the New Zealand Played logo when they are choosing their music with our free jukebox app crowdDJ.

We’ll also be doing our bit to put New Zealand music centre stage, by adding more Kiwi artists to our AMS Nightlife and crowdDJ® soundtracks. Our goal is to make sure that no matter where you go, you’ll be hearing more Kiwi tunes than ever before.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an avid listener, Kiwi artist or a AMS Nightlife client, there are ways we can all help the New Zealand music industry this May.

Kiwis Supporting Kiwis

Artists all around the country are taking part in the New Zealand Played Campaign to make sure their music is being seen and heard.

Click on the Artist portraits to hear their New Zealand Played Campaign shoutout.


Barnaby Weir




Sam Scott


Daniel Weetman




Luke Buda


Tom Larkin


crowdDJ recorded a 41% increase In local artists picked during NZ Music Month.

THIS RESULTED IN 12,484 Kiwi tracks chosen by crowdDJ users.

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